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Mnemonic Pony CD-R (28 tunes) - $12.00
Two albums on one CD-R. Includes Idea, Hide In Fiction's Hands, The Planet Eats, Suggestion for Rock Culture in the 90s, Located and Pointed, Mistakes Made In Time, Automobile History, It's Your Head...Ignited, Garbage, No Colors, Crying Your Life Away, Other Projects For My Eyes, A.D., Goodbye Hi Hi, Run Out of Rush, Coordinate Your Lies, Rewind, High Potential, Shivers for the Grease, What Wrong With Cowboys and Indian Anyway, Hot Daddy Pig, Mnemonic, Return I Send, Size, More or Less, Fix My Wagon, Resentment, The Man You Forgot, and Stop On Sunday. This CD-R was recorded from the original half track master tapes and each disc is individual signed.


The Tiny Cupcake Dilemma CD-R (25 tunes) - $12.00

This disc was recorded on the tenth anniversary of LMNOP and features 24 live recordings of tunes from previous releases utilizing nothing but voice and an acoustic guitar. This CD-R was recorded from the original half track master tapes and each disc is individual signed.


Numbles CD-R (20 tunes) - $12.00
The CD-R reissue of Numbles includes Numbles, You Can Make Up Your Mind, Inside All Right, In The Wild, Right Through It, Directions, How Was Your Trip in Miami, Fighter?, Looking Glass, Into A Wall, On The March, Valor Land, Flaw in the System, Watching the Blow, Introspective Evolution, More Like Ted, and I Don't Understand. This CD-R was recorded from the original half-track masters. Also includes four bonus tracks that have not appeared previously on any LMNOP release. Each CD-R is individually signed and includes a lyric sheet.

earlyNOP: The First Two LMNOP Albums CD-R (22 tunes) - $12.00
This CD-R reissue of the first two LMNOP albums features Mechanic/Mechanical, This Is Logical Thinking (orig. recording), Working For Her Kind, They'll Show You Who's Won Now, Not A Pretty Picture, Politics, Politics, Politics, Remember and Forget, Pop Idols, Puzzle, Escapes (orig. recording), Everything Is Going To End, The Instructor Song, Sandwich Time For The Smaller Children (orig. recording), It's A Snap!, Hide in Fiction's Hands (orig. recording), Walking Through Doors, I Want To Live With A Dictionary, Breakfast Cereal (orig. recording), All Grown Up, Three Colon Oh Oh (early version), Bad and Sad, and World Without Use. Each disc is individually signed.

Pound CD (40 tunes) - $12.00
Includes the tunes Unnatural Interest in Excretory Functions, Did I Want You?, Retarded Fucker, Blood, Take It Away, Bastard Art, Edwin's Birds, Sky On Your Tracks, KKK Crown, Your Kind of Hate, The Old Mule, Dirty, Drunk, and Heartbroke, Ammunition, Nowhere To Go, I Don't Mean Anything To You, Going Down the Drain, Arc, J. B. Stoner, Monkey Bag, Abuse By, Ether Wave, Self Reject, You Don't Live Here, Anything Is a Song Title, Slowdown, Difference, Hallucinations, We Lost Everything, Surface Shark, I Don't Need Anything, I Don't Want To Be a Member of Your Fan Club Anymore, Teething Brain, Finding Things, The Beauty of Death, Freedom, and Fisher Price. Also includes four tunes previously released on the Mnemonic cassette: Run Out of Rush, High Potential, Stop On Sunday, and Hate School. Over 73 minutes of music.


Camera-Sized Life CD (30 tunes) - $12.00

30 songs...over 70 minutes of music. Includes Situation, Figure Nothing, Taking Off, Stranger's Son, Fluffy, Hurdle, People Away, Never Old, Torn Lining, Graphic Sex in a Disney Movie, Season of Relief, MFSB, Control, In The World, Cottage Tree Memory, Up and Down, Vinyl, Rule, Turn It Blue Dizzy Cartoon, Captain, From Where I'm From, Camera-Sized Life, Ush, Zonolite, Early Grave, Goodbye, Falling Down, How Can I Explain?, Fix My Wagon, and More Like Ted (acoustic version).

Elemen Opee Elpee Vinyl LP (15 tunes) - $17.00

Includes Tapes, Like A Diatom, Please Believe Me, Constant Change, The Big Ride, Wanna Write A Letter, Kaleidoscope, Escapes, Breakfast Cereal, This Is Logical Thinking, Semi-Circular, Impossible, Y?, Comparative Analysis, and Sandwich Time For The Smaller Children.



"Forever Through the Sun"/"Three Colon Oh Oh"

Original limited edition signed magazine with 7" vinyl single.
Magazine Single (45 plus magazine) - $20.00

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