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April 1999 Reviews

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AMBER ASYLUM - Songs of Sex and Death (CD, Release, Ambient/ghostly pop)
Like listening to Curved Air on sedatives, Amber Asylum is a sad and at times depressing listen. There are few artists I have heard over the past few years whose music is truly stark, mysterious, and ghostly. Amber Asylum truly fits those adjectives. Even more obtuse and difficult than the band's debut disc (which was a heavy trip in itself), Songs of Sex and Death is so absolutely slow and peculiar that at times it sounds like a ghost singing alone in a forest at midnight. That may be what Kris Force is striving for, but it is impossible to tell. Dark, hypnotic, odd, and distant, this music is absolutely creepy. It took several listens to sink in, but I now like this even better than the debut... (Rating: 5)

BABIES (Perverted kind of reproductive kind of things)
Who in their right mind wants to have babies? All babies are ugly. All babies stink. All babies make bad noise. All babies take, take, take...and give nothing in return. Reproduction is the ugliest thing that people have the ability to do...yet they do it all the time. Babies are pure living proof of how stupid people really are. If people could really think (or if they gave a damn)...there would babies...anytime...anywhere...ever... (Rating: 2)

TAL BACHMAN - Tal Bachman (CD, Columbia, Pop)
I am not inclined to like music made by kids of the famous. My feelings are usually validated by mediocre artists that nobody would give a damn about except for the fact that the kid had famous parents. (A good example is Sean Lennon...eeeeeeeyyyyyyyuuuuuch!) Before giving this a listen, I just assumed I would hate it. Boy was I WRONG. Tal Bachman (son of Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive) is an extremely talented young man with a real flair for writing tunes...and he's got a KILLER voice. The music sounds quite similar to another one of my favorite popsters of late, Johnny Society (from New York). Tal's music sounds nothing like his dad's. The music is soaring pop with lilting melodies and spectacular arrangements. Lots of extremely catchy choruses, and lyrics that fit the music perfectly. I love it when someone proves my theories to be wrong. Tal Bachman's music is very, VERY cool. Top picks: "Darker Side of Blue," "She's So High" (this one's GREAT!), "I Wonder," and "I Am Free." (Rating: 5)

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - Out Loud (CD, Epic, Rock/pop/dance/collage)
Whew. I read some of the stuff other reviewers were saying about this band in their promo packet and thought MAN...this band is gonna SUCK. Not so. Not EVEN so. This Japanese band is amazing. Effortlessly combining surreal elements from dub, techno, pop, rock, ambient, and dance music...this music almost defies categorization. Boom Boom Satellites songs are very trippy mental excursions into your dream state. Sounds bleed in and out of each other with amazing accuracy...and the entire thing comes across as some sort of electronic jazz layered over a dub rhythm section. No...that's still not quite it. How about...Hawkwind for the nineties club scene? That still doesn't do it. Let's keep this simple. Get the album. It's great. This band may be one of those high profile successful acts (which usually means B-A-D)...but these folks are GODDAMN AMAZING. This is totally cool. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5)

VINICIUS CANTUARIA - Tucuma (CD, Verve, Brazilian pop)
Really beautiful soft Brazilian pop. This is Vinicius Cantuaria's debut for the Verve label...and what a smooth debut it is. The tunes flow by like water in a stream while Mr. Cantuaria's deep vocals resonate slyly in the mix... This is a very nice, relaxing, and somewhat dreamy batch of tunes that's sure to put you in the right mood for whatever you want to be in the right mood for. Lots of big name guest artists put in their two cents...but what really matters most here is this man's delicate ability to write moving compositions. Looking for a taste of real Brazilian flair? Tucuma will satisfy. (Rating: 5)

CHER - If I Could Turn Back Time: Cher's Greatest Hits (CD, Interscope, Pop)
Your humble narrator has never cared much for Cher's music. As a person, she seems nice enough. I think she has a really good nose. Accordingly, I was surprised to find myself enjoying this collection of "Cher's Greatest Hits." The newer stuff is actually good. I could've easily done without the old standards ("Half-Breed," "Bang, Bang," "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves" and--regurgitate--"I Got You Babe"). Still, this disc shows that when things are right in that goddamn recording studio this lady can make some magic happen. (Rating: 3)

THE DYLAN GROUP - More Adventures In Lying Down... (CD, Bubble Core, Vibraphone/jazz/experimental)
This band's debut disc made a lot of people sit up and take notice. A modern band concentrating on the...vibraphone? The idea was just strange enough...and executed so believably...that it caught on really fast. This band returns with two more players for their second full-length...and it's another keeper. As you might guess, a bigger line-up means a bigger sound...but in this case it's all for the better. You still get mainly vibraphones...but there's a lot of interesting variety going on in other departments as well. This ought to appeal to a wide range of folks. It's odd, yet accessible. It's different, yet not too different. S'neat. S'really neat. Modern mood music. (Rating: 5)

FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE - Utopia Parkway (CD, Scratchie/Atlantic, Pop)
If you thought they were a one hit wonder, think again. Fountains of Wayne made a big splash with their debut CD, and this one ought to have the same impact on pop fans around the world. Pumping out light airy pop as if it's as easy as cheese, these guys manage to pull off stuff that other folks couldn't...mainly because they write such good goddamn melodies. And this one's even more bubblegummy than the last (yeah!). Perfect music for spring and summer driving. Tunes like "Red Dragon Tattoo," "Troubled Times," and "It Must Be Summer" aren't just throwaway slop pop. These tunes hold up to many listens. Another fine collection of tunes from one of pop's brightest duos. (Rating: 5)

FRIEND 'N FELLOW - Purple Rose (CD, Ruf, Jazzy pop)
Some folks may gasp and throw tomatoes at me, but it's the truth. I like the music created by the duo Friend 'n Fellow. German guitarist Thomas Fellow and vocalist Constanze Friend are a mighty fine duo indeed...jazzy guitar pieces flow freely through your subsconcious as sultry, inviting vocals fill the air. These folks' music sounds somewhat like a cross between Joan Armatradding and Linda Lewis (anyone remember her?). It's slick and sophisticated, but it's also smooth and really cool. Thirteen tunes, including "Forbidden Wine" and "Blind Man." (Rating: 4)

FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ - Atardecer (CD, Knitting Factory, Instrumental)
I've heard of this band for some time now, but this is the first release I've received from them. Bandleader Bill Elm takes us on an intriguing romp through a variety of musical terrain. From experimental to atmospheric to western to whatever, this CD is sure to please fans of good instrumental music. Our faves in this here wonderland are "Quickening," "Ethchlorvynol," "Inner Sanction," and "Coppertone." Excellent sound quality, nice production. This is certain to please Ben Vaughn fans... (Rating: 5)

FUZZY - Hurray For Everything (CD, Catapult, Pop/rock)
I hadn't heard anything from this Boston band for quite some time, and was beginning to dread that they had broken up. Not so! Fuzzy LIVES! Criminally overlooked by a great many writers and radio programmers, Fuzzy is a great band. There are few pop bands I can think of that give me such a feeling of euphoria and exhileration. This is PERFECT driving music. Soaring melodies...heavenly harmonies...fuzzy guitars (natch!)...Hilken Macini , Chris Toppin, Winston Braman, and newest member drummer Nate Darden make up a band that is a pop lovers dream. This is certain to please fans of The Fastbacks, The Muffs, and The Go-Gos. Our initial faves are "Band of Gold" (no, not THAT one), "True Colors," "Never Be Replaced," "All Hung Up," and "Motorcycle." While there are a few filler tracks tossed in, most of the tunes are KILLER. Get this! (Rating: 5)

SUZANNE GRZANNA - Fly Me To The Moon (CD, Diva, Jazz/Female vocal)
I'd like to meet Suzanne Grzanna so I could ask her to recount all the wild mispronunciations of her name that she's heard over the years. The enchanting lady with the peculiar name has an amazingly sultry and seductive vocal style that is most enchanting. Ms. Grzanna is a hot toddy on the saxophone as well...leading her band through some great numbers that are reminiscent of California jazz combos from the fifties. If you're looking for that right disc to play while entertaining dinner guests...or for rolling around nekkid on that bearskin rug in front of the fireplace...grab this sucker and stick it in. This is nicely polished sexy jazz that sounds JUST RIGHT... (Rating: 5)

My first concern about this disc was that Gary Glitter was being ripped off in the tune "Red Tequila"...but upon closer inspection I found that Sammy Hagar had the common decency to credit the man from whom he borrowed. Mr. Hagar's sound and image (particularly that bad beard thing he has going on) have never been particularly appealing...but I can still recommend this disc for those who still can't get past seventies FM radio rock. It's slick, it's thick, it's funky...and there's a whole slew of people out there who will appreciate this. It reeks of big money, to be sure...but as long as the listener is satisfied I suppose that's what matters... (Not Rated)

THE JUDAS FACTOR - Ballads in Blue China (CD, Revelation, Hard rock)
An emphasis on the "hard" in "hard rock." This band plays hard. They play hard rock. They play very hard rock. They play very hard rock with roaring vocals. They play very loud rock with roaring vocals in a box. They play very loud rock with roaring vocals with a fox. Frantic, nasty, loud, loud, loud, and hard, hard, HARD. The Judas Factor is a hard band to describe because they play so hard. It's hard to describe how hard this band is. Very hard. You can hardly wait until the review is over, right? Listen to the disc. It's better than the review. For body slamming hard rock fanatics only. (Rating: 4)

THE LILLINGTONS - Death By Television (CD, Panic Button, Rock/pop)
Whereas most bands sound EXACTLY like the Ramones, The Lillingtons just sound VERY MUCH like them. Half truth, half jest. Actually what I like about this trio is that they take the Ramones idea of simple loud riff rock and throw their own slant on it. So while the influence is there, there's enough uniqueness to the tunes that this comes off as a fresh loaf that's a great deal of pumped up FUN. Straight-to-the-point songs like "War of the Worlds," " I Saw the Apeman (On The Moon)," "X-Ray Specs," and "Phantom Maggot" are surprinsingly lacking in pretention. The band hails from Newcastle, Wyoming. We LIKE this. Is GOOD! (Rating: 5)

Reviewing music is great fun, but it has gotten way out of hand of late. At this point there are so many CDs flooding into this tiny little office that it's getting harder and harder to open them all...much less listen to them all. Sure it's great getting all this free stuff to hear and write about...but at this point there's so much...and so much of it sounds the same...that it's becoming overwhelming and weird. Maybe if someone helped writing the reviews...nah, that would mean having to interact with another person. And that would be asking for trouble. Music, music, music, music...the world needs LESS music. A lot less. I guess there are just a lot of bored people in the world who don't have anything better to do than record... (Rating: 2)

MY SWEET ETC. - My Sweet Etc. (CD EP, Readymade, Rock/pop)
New on the scene is My Sweet Etc. Sort of like a more subdued version of Led Zeppelin with a female vocalist. What I like best about this new quartet is their ability to create a mood and stay in a solid groove. This EP offers insight into a band that plays with confidence and guts. Yellow was formerly the vocalist for Insane Jane, and she has now teamed up with bassist Shane Sanders, drummer Mike Poteet, and guitarist Steve Dixon. The band is solid. Good songs. Mrs. Yeller's vocals are strong and confident. Cool debut. (Rating: 5)

NAPALM DEATH - Words From the Exit Wound (CD, Earache, Metal)
For all-out assaultive, loud, screaming-roar-of death-metal, you won't do much better than veteran band Napalm Death. While others attempt to sound evil while retaining a certain amount of credibility, few succeed. Napalm Death succeed. The difference could be that there's a certain intelligence to the anguished screams and blurs of distorted guitars. The band seems to shift in and out of different genres in their mission to assault their audience. This is very much like the band's previous releases, which WILL satisfy. Bow your head and prepare to make your offering. Napalm Death continue to stalk...and will strike at the posie snoise. (Rating: 5)

MIKE NESS - Cheating At Solitaire (CD, Time Bomb Recordings, Pop/various)
I'm not hip. To my knowledge, I've never even heard one tune by Social Distortion (Mike Ness' former band). Probably a good thing, as I can listen to this without comparing it to the man's prior work. So...what have we here? Very solid masculine pop with a western/country bounce to it. The players are damn good...the production is thick and pumped up...but it's Mr. Ness' urgent vocals that make these tunes sound so goddamn good. The guy's got an incredibly believable raspy style of singing that sounds like a genuine ol' cowboy doin' the hokey pokey down on the range. The songs are solid, the arrangements virtually perfect. Great tunes like "The Devil In Miss Jones," "Misery Loves Company," "You Win Again," and "If You Leave This World" make this disc a KILLER listening experience. (Rating: 5)

OUR FLESH PARTY - Manifest Destiny (CD, Alamount Black, Rock)
Excellent swirling hard rock. This band reminds me in some ways of Jane's Addiction, except the vocals are more masculine and the songs are more direct. This is the band's second full-length, but it sounds as if they've been together for years. The dual overdriven guitars sound mighty cool indeed, and the band's rhythm section is as solid as your father's pocketwatch. This is one band that packs a mighty punch with real is evidenced by tunes like "Lahar," "Stripped To a Grin," and "I Am the Choke." The fellows in this band caught my attention first through the letter they sent accompanying their disc. It immediately caught my attention because...for once...a band approached me who was thinking of someone OTHER THAN themselves. Cool music, cool attitude. Recommended for hard rockaholics. Check out the band's web site at: (Rating: 5)

THE PENNIES - Come We Go (CD, Ear X-tacy, Rock/pop)
Every once in a while something creeps into that crusty old mailbox that just isn't quite like all the rest...but not that often. The Pennies are an unusual band. From the opening track, I was thinking this was another "alt rock guitar" band. Wrong. This band produces absolutely satisfying bizarre dreamy pop music that absolutely grabs the listener by the lungs. It's beautiful. It's strange. It's about superb melodies...and heavenly arrangements. The tunes have an interesting similarity to David Bowie's early stuff. Wow...GOD THE PENNIES ARE AN INCREDIBLE BAND. They really are. I feel hypnotized. You've gotta hear this. I'm gonna be playing the shit out of this disc . We're out on a limb... It's another..."TOP PICK"!!! WHOA! (Rating: 6)

THE PRETTY UGLIES - Our Fat Asses Tribute (CD, Femme St. Peter, Message music)
Huh. The Pretty Uglies, huh? Wow look. They are fat. They are fat and loud. They are fat and loud and obnoxious. Too bad they are not entertaining...nor funny...nor anything. These retarded youths have set out to show the world that retarded people can write good songs too. They fail to show anyone anything. They are boring. They are very boring. They are boring and fat. They are boring and fat and obnoxious. Their message? Their message is tedious. Their message is tedious and annoying. Their message is tedious and annoying and obvious. Pretty boring. Pretty boring is Massy Baw. Pretty boring is Massy Baw and tedious. Pretty boring is Massy Baw and tedcious and anytyhilkj ;la oie; alz; 09089udf 0s;czjcjf lpt09 flk;jadsjf kjads;fiu 0uu 0-7 065 554 643 -0 9- 78y hj m,,,,,,,,,,, yoyuouageti lillllpppperverinotol liiillliiikeeeee,.,m;..,,; (Rating: 2)

SCORN - Anamnesis (CD, Possible/Invisible, Ambient/dub)
Scorn has been on our top list of faves for years now. For scarey, atmospheric dub music you won't do much better. Mick Harris has some unusual ideas about music. You just have to hear it to begin to understand it. This CD consists (mainly) of previously unreleased material from earlier in the band's career. These compositions are abstract and odd. Tracks like "Almost Human" and "Tamper" won't be heating up the airwaves anytime soon. Why? This stuff is too good for radio airplay...natch! (Rating: 5)

THE SEWERGROOVES - Three Time Losers (CD, Estrus!, Rock)
We've become mighty partial to bands on the Estrus! label of late. Not because we're label snobs or anything like that (Edna forbid), but simply because the label has a roster that kicks the mittens out of Susie's barnhole. The Sewergrooves have a sound that fits their name. They're loud...they're snotty...yet they get in a groove and stay in it until each tune hits the dust. Big rockers like "Whole Again" and "Dead Letter River" are strong and intense...particularly when you consider the band is a three piece (!?!). The real surprise? They're from...Stockholm (!). Quite the cool thing, yes yes yes... Hard rock fans will be happy now. (Rating: 5)

SILVERCHAIR - Neon Ballroom (CD, Epic, Pop)
There's an awful lot of money spinning around in these digital grooves. Ultra-youngsters Silverchair are back with their third full-length...and they've bitten off a big wad. The disc starts off with "Emotion Sickness"...a sweeping epic piece with strings and guest artist pianist David Helfgott. Afterwards things start to get rockier. There are some good songs on this disc. But the band is trying so hard to make each track sound different that the disc lacks cohesion. This isn't a bad CD at all...but most of it sounds an awful lot like a lot of other bands I've heard of late. "Miss You Love" is the surprise keeper of the batch...showing the band's more sentimental side... (Not Rated)

SKINS'N'PINS - Skins'N'Pins (CD, GMM, Various artists compilation)
We rarely review various artists compilations because most of 'em are boring and lack cohesion. This compilation from Atlanta's GMM Records stands out because it presents...on one easily digested compact disc...a dizzying, nonstop onslaught of some of the best hardcore/punk bands on the scene today. The disc contains no less than 28 tracks (!?!), featuring some ass kicking artists like The Pinkerton Thugs, The Ducky Boys, The Choice, Pressure Point, The Bodies, and many more. For a compilation, the sound quality is amazingly consistent from track to track. And instead of a bunch of forgettable blaring noise tracks by bands who forsake songs for volume, we are instead treated to some amazingly catchy hard rock/pop tunes that you may find yourself singing along to. BIG FUN. (Rating: 5)

THE SOLIPSISTICS - Careful How You Go (CD, Frigidisk, Pop)
Absolutely beautiful pop music. The first two releases from this (temporarily) obscure pop band blew my brains across the room. This, the third release, blows my heart from my chest. Before you give up on pop because all bands are beginning to sound the same, give The Solipsistics a spin. The music is subtle and just slightly peculiar. But what makes it so vastly different from everyone else is that there's a real human thread of emotion that runs through the tunes. Instead of just listening to music, the listener is actual made to feel the feelings of the songwriter (which in this case is Jeff McGregor). Any songwriter who can write a song called "Love Love Love" and then actually pull off a melody which mainly consists of the words "love" repeated over and over deserves MAJOR BONUS POINTS. Not a bad apple in the bunch, but my faves this time around are "The Devil You Know," "Everyone Is You," "Love, Love, Love," and "She's Always Leaving." Recorded by the great Earle Mankey. ESSENTIAL LISTENING. (Rating: 6)

SPITE - Bastard Complex (CD, Prosthetic, Hard rock)
You might think that because there are thousands of hard rock bands out there that there are thousands of good hard rock bands. But you would be wrong if you thought that. There are actually few hard (and I mean really hard) rock bands out there with something real to offer. Charlotte's Spite is one of those few. The band has a frightening, violent sound...but it's not contrived. It sounds real. And there's a lot more going on here than just a bunch of loud noise. This band has an edge that you'll have to hear to believe. If you want to be assaulted, Spite will be glad to assault you. Raw stuff like "Goodbye" (wow), "California," and "King" are in some category all their own. I wouldn't be surprised if this band became really big really fast. Should please fans of Marilyn Manson, early Alice Cooper, and Jane's Addiction. One of the best hard rock CDs we've heard in some time... (Rating: 5)

SPOOKY TOOTH - Cross Purpose (CD, Ruf/PolyGram, Pop)
Given the ages of the members of this newly reunited band, perhaps they should have changed the name to Spooky Toothless. The original band came together once again recently to record this collection of new and old tunes. This band never grabbed my attention the first time around. The second time around, I'm even less impressed. This will most likely please misguided old farts and people who can't get their asses out of the ratty past... (Rating: 3)

STARFLYER 59 - Fell In Love At 22 (CD EP, Tooth & Nail, Pop)
Despite the fact that the band has been putting out quality releases for several years now, Starflyer 59 have thus far not been noticed by the public at large. This, the latest EP, contains some absolutely stunning atmospheric pop music that is at least beautiful if not completely mesmerizing. Jason Martin's voice and guitar work keep getting better and better...and this time around the songs go up into the stars. Only five tunes (damn!)...but they all KICK ASS. Faves: "Fell In Love At 22," "We Want It Bad," and "Samson." Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh... (Rating: 6)

SWISHER - Swisher (Independent CD, Rock/pop)
A new band on the verge of greatness. Underground labels looking for a band to sign with real potential and great tunes will want to contact Swisher to hear the band's new debut disc. Happy thought provoking pop music with some really clever melodic twists and great music arrangements abound on the band's self-produced and self-released CD. The mix ought to be punchier and the guitars ought to be louder and all but...the songs and energy still manage to shine clearly. Smart, incisive, tight, and thoroughly entertaining...Swisher is a band with huge potential and a dynamite collection of tunes. Excellent female vocalist. They're off to an explosive start. Can't find the disc? E-mail 'me at or write 'em at 142 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. (Rating: 4)

TALKING ON THE TELEPHONE (Bothersome kind of activity kind of thing)
Hmmm...which annoying asshole will call next? I just can't wait to find out who's going to bother me next by calling and leaving a drawn out whiny if they actually think I'm going to call them back or something. Talking On The Telephone has become a socially retarded way of wasting time. No one ever says anything that means anything anyway, so there should be no need for telecommunications in the first place. My fellow men and fellow wives. Let us get rid of our words before they get rid of us. Unplug your telephone. Distance yourself from everyone...and then plug into the REAL world... (Rating: 2)

TEN STORY LOVE - Ten Story Love (Independent CD, Pop)
Good DIY stuff from a band that's off to a great start. Ten Story Love's fuzz guitar-based pop tunes are simple and catchy...and they borrow a lot of good ideas from bands past and present. Whoever had his hands on the knobs for this one knew what he was doing...the sound quality KICKS. Good lyrics complete the package...making tunes like "The Perfect Girl," "Stuck," and "In A Different World" stand up and take notice. While this disc is damn good, I get the feeling this band is still in its formative stage...and that their best material is yet to come. If you can't find this in stores, check out the band's web site at (Not Rated)

TEXAS - The Hush (CD, Universal, Pop)
Despite the fact that this is calculated schmaltzy pop music... And despite the fact that these songs sound generic... And despite the fact that this band started out this CD with a needle dropping on a vinyl record (no...NO...NO!!!)... I have to admit that I actually like Texas. This Glasgow band sounds as if money is their main motive...and that's usually bad...but this is so damn obvious that it comes off rather well. Lots of tunes with big radio "In Our Lifetime," "Summer Son," and "The Day Before I Went Away." Ought to please fans of shabby ol' Abba and The Goddamn Pet Shop Boys. (Rating: 4)

ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK - This Will Be Laughing Week (CD, Noisome, Pop)
Hepped up power pop from Kansas trio Ultimate Fakebook. Lots of influences flying around in this band's music. The tunes are direct, punchy, and catchy...and the band doesn't clutter up their songs with studio tricks. This is the band's second album, and they've apparently been catching on really well with a lot of folks of late... (Not Rated)

UNITED STATES THREE - Creature (Mini CD LP, Flat Earth, Pop)
After a couple of years no hear, I'm sure glad to hear some new music by one of my favorite little obscure delights. United States Three is a great band in that their music speaks for itself. The tunes are simple, yet extremely catchy and pleasant. The band is in fine form on this mini LP, which is a prelude to the band's upcoming full-length (can't wait for that!). This is a band that doesn't write and record bad tunes. All 8 tunes on this disc are memorable keepers...and they're just a tad more peculiar than you might expect. This is highly recommended listening for all you popsters out there... (Rating: 5)

ZEN FRISBEE - 35,000,000 B.C. (CD, Fire Ant, Pop/rock)
All the cool independent labels aren't in California and Washington. Case in point is Charlotte's slightly obscure Fire Ant...a tiny label dedicated to putting out music they believe in. Zen Frisbee is a hard band to categorize. The band's music teeters in and out of guitar instrumentals, garage rock, hard rock, and pop. They bite off a lot with this less than twenty-one tunes, and there's really not a clunker in the bunch. Along the way guest artists appear from some VERY WELL KNOWN BANDS (whose names I won't mention here). It's this band's zest for their music and their energetic approach which makes this a very entertaining listen. Our fave cuts are "Masterpiece Theater," "Chatham Co. Volunteers," and "Bad Monkey." It may take a bit of searching to find this, but it'll be worth the effort. (Rating: 4)


AK1200 - Lock & Roll: A Drum & Bass DJ Mix (CD, Moonshine)
Aldersgate - One More Chance (Independent CD EP)
Aleutian - Frame Dragging (CD, Esque)
- Tuonela (CD, Relapse)
Kevin Andrews - A Manhattan Day In The Life (CD, Caprice)
Blackstreet - Finally (CD, Interscope)
Blue Sky Foundry - Haymaker (Independent CD)
Bo Bud Greene - Las Olas (CD, 4 Alarm Recordings)
Carp Rider - Speaking to the Outcasts (CD, Crud Scuz)
Chemical Warfare - Dr. Speedlove Presents (Double CD, Invisible)
Chicken Dog
- The Other White Meat (CD, Sin Klub Entertainment)
Cool Breeze - East Points Greatest Hits (CD, A&M)
The Crown Royals - Funky-Do! (CD, Estrus!)
DDT - Urban Ob Server (CD, Elektra)
Disappointment Incorporated - F = Q (CD, Time Bomb Recordings)
Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts Yellow Moons (CD, Kindercore)
Dropkick Murphys
- The Gang's All Here (CD, Hellcat/Epitaph)
Dual Eden - Underside (CD, Bankrupt Planet)
Duds (Independent CD)
Duraluxe - Dolorosa (CD, Meddle)
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP (CD, Interscope)
4 Hr. Ramona - Pharmacy Park (CD, Yeah It's Rock)
Bob Fields - I'd Like to Solve the Puzzle (Independent CD)
Finneus Gauge - One Inch of the Fall (CD, Train)
Floraline - Floraline (CD, Minty Fresh)
The Fly Seville - Carousel (CD, Sealed Fate)
Future Pilot A.K.A. vs. A Galaxy of Sound (CD, Beggars Banquet)
Gammaray - Power Plant (CD, Noise)
Mark Geary - Mark Geary (CD, Paradigm)
Goin' After Pussy - Teasers & Tidbits (CD, Junk, Various artists)
Goodnight Star (CD, Plastiq musiq)
Grand Mal - Maledictions (CD, Slash)
Gus - Word of Mouth Parade (CD, Almo Sounds)
Dale Hawkins - Wildcat Tamer (CD, Lightyear)
Hemingway (Independent CD)
Honey and the Bees - Bzzz (CD, NVU)
Hopewell - Purple Balloon (CD, Priapus)
Ill Ease - Circle Line Tours (CD, Smilex/Swampy)
In Between Blue - In Between Blue (CD, Sol 3)
Irving Philharmonic - Perpetual Motion Sickness (CD, Stripmine)
Greg James - Out of Control (CD, Bo Bo Juice)
Jengurl - Stick A Fork In It (CD, Penguinville)
Judge Drain - Simons Cross (Independent CD)
Paul K & The Prayers - Saratoga (CD, Alias)
Keyboard (Magazine, April 1999)
The Laces - Forever For Now (CD, Mighty Feeble)
Life - Music Inspired By The Motion Picture (CD, Interscope)
Lit - A Place In The Sun (CD, RCA/BMG)
Lola - One Day (CD, Flat Earth)
Manishevitz - Grammar Bell and the All Fall Down (CD, Jagjaguwar)
The Marlowes - Same Dog Barks (CD, Red Eye)
Ray Mason Band - Castanets (CD, Wormco)
Rev. Jackie McCullough - This Is For You Lord (CD, Gospo Centric)
The Mendoza Line - I Like You When You're Not Around (CD, Kindercore)
The Milligrams - Take Aurally(CD, Precious)
Mocean Worker - Mixed Emotional Features (CD, Rykodisc)
Rick Monroe - Shame (CD, Divorce)
Morgion - Solinari (CD, Relapse)
Motion Picture - For A Distant Movie Star (CD, Words On Music)
Monroe Mustang - The Elephant Sound (CD, Jagjaguwar)
Mustard Plug - Pray For Mojo (CD, Hopeless)
Mystique - A Benefit for the AIDS Committee (CD, Sealed Fate, Various artists)
Neurosis - Times of Grace (CD, Relapse)
Office Space - The Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Interscope, Various artists)
Orphan Girl - Spare Change? (CD, Raldo)
Pantychrist - Pantychrist (CD, Seeland)
Paxton - Paxton (CD, Nemperor)
The Pills - Wide Awake With the Pills (CD, Monolyth Record Group)
Pissing Razors - Cast Down the Plague (CD, Noise)
Planes Mistaken For Stars (CD, Deep Elm)
Punch Drunk Piranha (CD, PDP Prod.)
Regia - The Art of Navigation (CD, spinART)
Replication News (Magazine, February 1999)
Rip Dizzy - Vertigo-Go! (CD, Chromatone)
Robot - Palm Trees (CD, T.O.N.)
The Roots - Things Fall Apart (CD, Universal)
Royal (CD, Tooth & Nail)
Rufus King - Que Unda (CD, AFM)
Second Coming (CD, Capitol)
The Selecter - ...Cruel Britannia... (CD, Harry May)
Simon Says - Jump Start (CD, Hollywood)
Six Going On Seven - Heartbreak's Got Backbeat (CD, Some)
Sleepyhead - The Birghter Shore (CD, Sealed Fate)
Sloan - 4 Nights at the Palais Royale (Double CD, Murder)
Soul Motor (CD, CMC International)
Speak No Evil (CD, Universal)
Spin Doctors - Here Comes the Bride (CD, Universal)
Splender - Halfway Down the Sky (CD, Columbia)
Sponge - New Pop Sunday (CD, Beyond/BMG)
Spottiswoode - Ugly Love (CD, Groovetown USA)
Starmarket - Calendar (CD, Deep Elm)
Stavin' Chain - Stavin' Chain (CD, Ruf)
Stimulating Sacrifice - J.D. (CD, Fanfare)
Suck It and See (CD, Rykodisc, Various artists)
Sun Barrow (Independent CD)
Sunset Heights (CD, Mysticmusic)
10 cents - Buggin' Out (CD, Ideal/Mammoth)
33.3 (CD, Aesthetics)
Tape Op (Magazine, Issue No. 11)
Teriyakis - Psychics to Sidekicks (CD, Priapus)
Toe 2000 (CD, Truckstop)
Travis Pickle (CD, LunaSea)
Underwater - I Could Lose (CD, Risk)
Urban Legends (CD, Audio InformationPhenomena)
Wanna - Wanna (Independent CD EP)
Brenda Weiler - Crazy Happy (CD, Barking Dog)
Milo Z - Live & Bumpin' (CD, School Cat)

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